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Excessive consumption of our product might make you too damn horny to function as a normal adult, so I apologize in advance for what you're likely to find and see here on CDG Adult Games. I'll be honest with you from the start here: we're devoted to creating porn games, and if that sounds like something that doesn't really interest you, it's probably a good idea for you to leave as quickly as possible! Still here? Well, the good news is that since you want to play some adult titles, we've got you covered and then some. CDG Adult Games is the premiere destination for any gamer with an erection that wants to be able to jerk off to an interactive release that's bound to make them horny as fuck and provide all of the goodness they need to bust some fat nuts. We're not afraid to admit what the purpose of this project is and look forward to being able to show everyone that we're the kings of the castle when it comes to creating smut in this space. Have you ever noticed just how poor the competition is when it comes to adult games? We've done our best to make CDG Adult Games as good as possible and now, we want to provide you with access to the database so you can see what we've managed to accomplish. Now then – let me give you a quick speech on what makes us so damn fucking cool and then you can be on your way!

Free access model

Right at the core of CDG Adult Games is the fact that we allow you to play all of the games that we have inside completely free of charge. Our decision was made before we even developed a single game, because we knew that the only way we were going to convince a myriad of gamers to come on in to jerk off over what it is we have to offer was to give it all away. The end result has been fantastic for us, as more and more gamers are able to see the true benefits of joining our community and seeing all of the delicious treasures that are inside. Note that we have absolutely no pay to win features inside, nor do we time lock any content. This is literally a free to play game where paying money gives you no advantage at all – we do have supporter packs, but almost all of our revenue comes through great sponsorship deals that provide gamers with a few adverts alongside the embedded game that we have to offer. It's the best system as far as we're concerned and we encourage every gamer out there to test drive our member's area in order to see just how advanced and incredible what it is that CDG Adult Games is doing.

Incredible graphics

Every single gamer who comes in here to jerk off always mentions the fact that our graphics are something pretty damn special. We're inclined to agree and I think that we're always going to be able to offer folks out there the ability to enjoy an experience unlike anything they've had before, simply because we think ahead and put a great deal of care into making sure that our games look as good as possible. This is naturally a threat to the other services that are still using outdated technology like Flash, but in this industry, you have to adapt or you're going to die! We've procured some of the best artists and 3D renderers in the business so that we can ensure the gamers at CDG Adult Games are getting the best experience possible. It's highly recommended that you try us out and see with your own two eyes just how great the graphics are here. I think it goes without saying that your cock is going to be rock hard in a matter of seconds. Don't worry though: we've got all of the titles you need in order to take care of any stiffy in your pants!

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I've spoken a decent amount about what makes CDG Adult Games so special, which means it's probably about time for me to be quiet and to instead just offer that you come on in and see what it is that we're up to here. I've had a great time working on this project for the last few years and frankly, I'd love for us to get another gamer to come into the picture and see for themselves what we've been working on. Are you ready to join the greatest hub on the Internet for XXX gaming? Then get your ass inside CDG Adult Games today and see what the deal is. You're going to have a whale of a time, that's for sure!

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